Murder mystery solved!


The Clue Cast during the final bow. Photo Courtesy of Addy Rebasti

Addy Rebasti, Staff Reporter

Over this past weekend, the Fallston High School Drama Company put on the production Clue. Their two shows on November 18 and 19 drew a combined crowd of more than 500 people. 

Clue is a fast-paced murder mystery. It starts when six guests, Miss Scarlet (Cece Campbell), Mrs. Peacock (Juliana Vendetti), Mrs. White (Bella Glorioso), Colonel Mustard (Tyler Cigarski), Professor Plum (Eli Marini), and Mr. Green (Zack Patton), are invited to a dinner party. Quickly, it is revealed that they were all invited by the person that has been blackmailing them, Mr. Boddy (Gabriel Greear).  Mr. Boddy threatened to reveal their secrets to the police and press if they didn’t play his game. He gave all the guests murder weapons and told them to kill Wadsworth (Nate Hawk), but then suddenly Mr. Boddy ends up dead. The six guests, with the help of Wadsworth and Yvette (Corrine Carlson), race around trying to find the killer before the police come. As they do, more bodies show up. Eventually, the murderer – or should I say murderers – are found. 

Although I am no theater critic, I really enjoyed the show. I would even dare to say that it is the best production the drama company has put on, or at least out of the ones I have seen. 

The stage crew did an exceptional job on this show. The show’s set was amazing. They had so many different rooms that changed throughout the show. Each room also had a lot of attention to detail; in one room the picture on the wall even changed into evidence. The show also had flashing lights that corresponded with thunder noises. At one point there was a prop bird flying through the air. 

The show itself was also great. It had many funny one-liners and left you on the edge of your seat. I thought Mr. Green, played by Zack Patton, did especially well. Surprisingly, it is his first year as an actor and you definitely weren’t able to tell. My favorite scene from the show was when the chef’s body fell on Mr. Green. Wadsworth, played by Nate Hawk, also did very well, especially during his death scene. His screams sounded real. On the topic of screams, Juliana Vendetti’s screams as Mrs. Peacock were especially ear-piercing. 

All I can say is Mamma Mia, this was a great show!