Green students in a green school


Marissa Lord holds the weeds for Green School. Photo Courtesy of Gabby Zebron

Addy Rebasti, Staff Reporter

Every Tuesday, in room 236, 20 students meet up for Green School Club with Mr. McLeod, the advisor; Gabby Zebron, president; Cole Mahns, vice president; Juniper DeNichilo, eco-bricking leader; Julianna Mullen, garden leader; and Emily O’Neill, plarn leader. Green School brings many different environmentally friendly methods to Fallston.  

They have been very busy this year with their new initiatives. They have been making plarn (plastic yarn), which they weave together to make mats for homeless people. They have also been eco-bricking, where they stuff non-recyclable plastic into water bottles, which form solid “bricks” and get donated for new use. They have refreshed their garden and have many more plans in the works. Cole Mahns adds that Green School has also “cultivated many sustainable opportunities for FHS. Examples include color cycle – recycling and sending back Crayola products to be reused, multiple gardens for native plants, and many more.” 

This club means different things to different people, but for Juniper DeNichilo “it truly gives [them] the motivation to make a difference by seeing the active progress happening right in front of [them] every meeting, no matter how small or easy the task seems.” Julianna Mullen added that it is, “super-important to [her] because it is such a welcoming place where [she] can do what [she] enjoys, take on new challenges, be around friends, and feel like [she is] making a positive difference. It allows [her] to feel a part of a bigger cause working towards helping the environment.”