Meet the graphic design club!


Graphic Design loves what they do enough to kiss their sign! Photo Courtesy of Catarina Kruml.

Addy Rebasti, Staff Reporter

After forming last year, Graphic Design Club is one of the most active clubs in Fallston. They meet almost every Thursday in the library with Ms. Stone, the advisor; Juniper DeNichilo, founder and President; Chloe Mullineaux, Vice President; and Catarina Kruml, Secretary.  

The club works to create a “warm and welcoming place to express your artistic styles,” says Chloe Mullineaux. The club uses the Adobe software and has optional projects each week that they share on a Padlet. Their first project is for everyone to make collages about themselves. 

The club is a place for many members to express their creativity and to hang out with their friends. Kasey Conlon, a member, says it is “[her] favorite club [she] goes to.” Juniper DeNichilo particularly enjoys that the club “is bringing people with different interests together to one common theme where [they] can collaborate and connect.” 

They have big plans for the future. They hope to continue working with photoshop, but also design logos. Catarina Kruml says, “We hope to make more designs for anything that Fallston High School needs help with or anything that needs a better design and to make better logos for any clubs that want logos!!” 

If you want to join you can find information by joining their Remind with the code graphic123” and follow their Instagram @fhs.graphicdesign.