Fallston is ready for WIN-ter sports

Addy Rebasti and Julianna Mullen

Women’s Basketball

The Women’s Basketball team is ready to jump on the court this season. After Varsity won states last year, they have a lot to live up to. They hope to win another state title this year with “a lot of work, sacrifice and day by day improvement,” says Varsity Coach Johnny Woods. They hope to not only develop the girls’ skills but their “love for basketball and the willingness to work at it in the off season,” says Coach Woods. Since last season they lost a lot of seniors, but they have a lot of young talent. Coach Scott Hubbard says, “My hopes are that we can continue to build on the past success that the program has had.”

Its Full-Court-Press with these ladies! Photo Courtesy of Kaylee Dillard
All Smiles after three consecutive wins! So happy they could jump for joy and ‘hoop’ for more. Photo Courtesy of Johnny Woods


The Wrestling team is back and ready to hit the mats. There is only one thing in their way, a lack of resources. According to their coach, Fallston is the only school in the county that doesn’t have a wrestling room, and Fallston only has one mat while the other schools have five. In addition to that, they do not have enough uniforms for the entire team and some wrestlers must buy their own. Despite this, Coach Billy Thomas feels “blessed that we have a team” He goes on to add, “It is a long journey to climb the mountain of becoming a champion but the way we get there is through teammates who are committed to pushing each other.” The wrestlers are willing to do what it takes to get better.  

The Wrestling team sits next to each other with big smiles after a successful meet! Photo Courtesy of @fallston.wrestling Instagram


Swimming is ready to make a splash this season! Coming off the high of the combined team winning the regular season, going undefeated, and the girls’ team win at counties last year, Coach Sarah Rosener says she would like “to see the continued success of the team and individual improvement over the season.” This season has brought a lot of new swimmers who are “very willing to learn and improve,” said Coach Tara Rebasti.  

After a big win against Elkton and Rising Sun, the only thing the swim team has to say is “just keep swimming!” Photo Courtesy of Tara Rebasti

Indoor Track and Field

Last year, the Indoor Track Team had a lot of individual success, and this year they are back and striding for team success and more PRs.  This is their first year as an official sport and not as a club, so the coaches are hoping “to build camaraderie, discipline, self-confidence and self-accountability as the season progresses.” Sprints Coach, Paul Riggio says, “Along with the mental and emotional skill that we hope to develop, we will continually utilize different training methods that will increase and refine their technical abilities.” 

The Track and Field team has found their happy pace after their first meet! Photo Courtesy of Mr. Capozzoli

Men’s Basketball

After winning regionals last year, the Men’s Basketball team is back and ready for the new season. They have a great group of new players this season and their “goal is to get better as we get deeper into the season,” says Coach Bill Stewart. The coaching staff is excited to see what the season will bring & is “hooping” to win it all.

Swish Swish, there is only one wish on their Holiday list – a fantastic season. Photo Courtesy of Joseph Mullen
They shoot, and they score, the Men’s basketball team is ready for more! Photo Courtesy of @fhspepsquad Instagram

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