Addy’s emotional support water bottle dead


Sadly, Addy’s Emotional Support Water Bottle will not be making any more trips with her like this trip to William & Mary. Photo Courtesy of Addy Rebasti

Addy Rebasti, Staff Reporter

Addy’s Emotional Support Water Bottle, aged almost 2 years, residing in Fallston, MD, passed away on March 7, 2023, from being repeatedly dropped and excessively used. 

Addy’s Emotional Support Water Bottle, born on July 25, 2021, grew up in Fallston, MD, and studied the art of making Addy feel better at Fallston High School. She majored in psychology at Water Bottle University before landing a job as Addy’s Official Emotional Support Bottle at Rebasti & Co. 

She enjoyed going everywhere with Addy. They traveled together to Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Spain. She was a strong, graceful, and loving friend, who worked to improve Addy’s emotional well-being. She had a very hard life but was grateful to be by Addy’s side. One time, she was even kidnapped by Arianna Hernandez, but she bounced back quickly afterward. She would always make it out alive, but unfortunately, she did not this time. 

She is survived by her best friend, Addy Rebasti.