Meet me at Midnight


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Swift’s newest album is “fire.”

Addy Rebasti, Staff Reporter

At 12:00 a.m. on October 21st, Taylor Swift released her 10th studio album titled Midnights. It included 13 songs written about “13 sleepless nights” throughout her life. Later that day at 3 a.m., Swift surprised fans by releasing Midnights the 3 a.m. Edition that had seven more songs.  

Her album has already become the bestselling album of 2022 and started breaking multiple records immediately. Before 24 hours had even passed, Taylor Swift became the most streamed Spotify artist in a single day in Spotify history and broke the record for first-day streams on Apple music. Swift also had the most Alexa requests in history as well as the biggest sales week of vinyls since they started recording sales in 1991. And Midnights is still breaking records.    

The lead-up to this album was almost as good as the album itself. Taylor Swift is known to leave easter eggs about what she is going to do next. She left a lot of easter eggs on this album before she even announced it. This included a hint in one of her Instagram posts where she emphasized a word by spacing it out (m i d n i g h t). She also posted multiple things that had ten items on it representing the tenth album.  

Swift surprised her fans on August 28, 2022, when she announced the album during her VMAs speech. She also posted TikToks called “Midnights Mayhem with Me” where she would reveal track titles one by one. 5 days before the album’s release, she posted a video of a calendar with times and dates relating to Midnights. 

Although she is known for switching genres, Swift’s newest album is unlike anything she has done before.  “Midnight Rain” has a synth-pop sound with the intro slowing her voice and emphasizing the high notes. Although the sound is different, Swift’s lyrics are still amazing, like this lyric from “High Infidelity”: “You know there’s many different ways that you can kill the one you love. The slowest way is never loving them enough.”