A perfect match

Newest Faculty Members “Swipe Right” For Fallston

Welcome, all new teachers! We’re so glad you decided to “swipe right!”

Mr. Milanoski

Mr. Milanoski is the AP in charge of 10th and 12th grade as well as testing and building use. As a Bel Air alum, Milanoski was taught to despise Fallston, but after being here for a while, he has changed his view. Now, he is excited to be a Cougar!

What did you do this summer? “My daughter turned 16, so we’ve been doing a lot of driving.”

What is something no one knows about you? “I know a little about a lot. There is a lot of useless knowledge in my brain. Trivial Pursuit, Jeopardy, people ask me to be on their team.”

Ms. Snow

Ms. Snow is a new assistant principal. She graduated from Fallston and is excited to be back! She really likes all the staff, teachers, and students.

What brought you to Fallston? “I came here from BAHS. I was a teacher for the last 21 years and was promoted to assistant principal.”

Is there anything you would like the student body to know about you? “There’s nothing special I want the students to know – just happy to be here.”

Mrs. King

Mrs. King is an English II teacher and the newest addition to the English Cluster. She wanted to return to teaching as she taught English for 7 years at CMW, worked as a media specialist for seven years, and then worked for central office as a technology specialist supporting teachers and staff around the county.

Anything fun you did this summer? “We went boating with friends. I haven’t been to Ocean city, MD much, but we did that. We anchored right on the edge of Assateague. I knew of Assateague and have gone through the park once, but this is the first time we’ve sat on our beach chairs right there on the edge of the park and the horses were there all day. That was really fun.”

Is there anything you would like the student body to know about you? “I’m new so be kind. That’s the most important thing because I’m not coaching a sport or running a club. I feel like since it’s my first year here I just want to feel everything out and maybe next year get involved more. I just didn’t want to overwhelm myself. It’s just a matter of I don’t know everything.”

Mr. Mull

Mr. Mull teaches four sections of American government, two sections of world history, and coaches the men’s lacrosse team. He is a former Cougar himself, graduating in 2009.

 After coaching Fallston Lacrosse for two years, he’s excited to finally join the staff; the 5-minute commute is just a bonus.

Any hidden talents or surprising fun facts? “I really enjoy playing golf, it’s my biggest hobby, I would like to think I’m pretty good. A fun fact is my wife graduated from here so we’re kind of community lifers.”

Is there anything you would like the student body to know about you? “I’m a pretty easy-going person. I’m very trusting too until you break that trust, but I definitely take a lot of pride in what I do and I’m definitely very proud of being a student here and happy to be back here as an educator. I really think highly of this place and by all accounts so far it still stands true.”

Ms. Garfinkel

After subbing at Fallston and hearing there was an opening here, Ms. Garfinkel couldn’t say no. She is the newest addition to the science team, teaching Chemistry, AP Chemistry, and IPC. Between her punny jokes and love for chemistry, we can tell she’s going to fit in great!

Any hidden talents or surprising fun facts? “I do yoga. I used to teach yoga!”

What has your impression of Fallston been so far? “I really like how at Fallston everyone seems to know each other, is friendly, is into sports, and they support each other. It very much is a community and I like that a lot.”

Ms. Delaney

Ms. Delaney is a new paraeducator in the Strive program at Fallston. She is moving up to teach in a high school setting at the same time as her freshman son. She has had a good impression of Fallston so far and is excited for the year to unfold. Anything fun you did this summer? “I visited Texas, where I used to live!”

Any hidden talents or surprising fun facts? “I have literally known my husband since I was born. He is three days older than me, and we were born at the same hospital and our moms are best friends.”

Ms. Arnone

Ms. Arnone is one of the paraeducators in the Strive program. She is very passionate about her job and wants everyone to know that she is a free resource always and doesn’t stand for bullying. She loves everything that Fallston stands for and is super excited to see the plans and visions that Fallston has.

Any hidden talents or surprising fun facts? “I like dancing!”

Is there anything you would like the student body to know about you? “I always check on people especially if they are looking off. You can always come to me when you are having a bad day.”

      Ms. Breidenbaugh

Ms. B is the new Marching Band Director, and she teaches the winds and brass band class, the percussion class, jazz band, and music technology. This is her sixth year as an educator and as a former Hawk graduating from North Harford, she is grateful for the warm welcome she received. She loves how involved the parents are as well as the energy the students bring. She may have roots in Hawk country, but ultimately, she chose the Cougars.

Any hidden talents or surprising fun facts? “I am deaf in one ear which is super unusual for a band teacher.”

Is there anything you would like the student body to know about you? “I am open and ready for everything and am actively recruiting so if you want to join band, I would love to have you! I am also super excited to bring the marching band and cheerleaders together to bring the energy to the student section.”