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Love is Blind Season 6 Final Thoughts

Chelsea and Jimmy having a conversation! (Photo Courtsey of People)
Chelsea and Jimmy having a conversation! (Photo Courtsey of People)

This season of Love is Blind has been one of the most talked-about seasons of the series’ run, thanks to the cute couples, crazy drama, and everything in between. I was inspired to watch it after receiving a glowing recommendation, not to mention I had started seeing it everywhere I went and hearing about it left and right, and my Instagram was taken over by Love is Blind memes. It felt like I was meant to find it, and I’m so glad I did. While I would love to do a deep dive on the season, I’m going to keep my focus on the five main couples on the show. 

Kenneth and Brittany 

I’m going to start with the couple that went to Splitsville the soonest: Kenneth and Brittany. In the pods, they seemed like a pretty good match, and they maintained this in their honeymoon as well. They had deep, important conversations about race and the problems they could face together that the couple seemed to handle beautifully, and they seemed to mesh; but like many good relationships, someone got between the couple – Kenneth’s phone.  

While it was never outright stated, it was clear that the phone was an issue. He never seemed to put it down and his only excuse was work, but last I checked, middle school principals are supposed to be against using phones that much. Anyway, the couple parted ways so amicably that most of us – including myself – barely even realized they had broken up. After a couple of tears from Brittany and a phone call to Kenneth’s friend, the relationship was over as quickly as it had started.  

Jeramey and Laura (and Sarah Ann) 

The next couple to break up was Laura and Jeramey. No, that’s not a typo, his name is “Jeramey.” As the internet has said, Laura should’ve known from the name alone. Jeramey had a little trouble with loyalty as it took him mere days to find his second choice, Sarah Ann, at a local bar where they “talked” until 5 a.m., when he drove her home. Jeramey, being a total and utter moron, had done all this while purposely sharing his location with Laura, who had been tracking him all night. He played right into her hand as he tried to cover up his night with lies and Laura was able to quickly disprove it like an absolute queen. 

 Laura made a quietly confident argument, keeping her composure in a fight where most would fall apart. Iconic. I truly might be this woman’s biggest fan, and I most definitely am Jeramey’s biggest hater. Don’t even get me started on him essentially ignoring that he was ever engaged to Laura at the pool party and riding jet skis into the sunset with Sarah Anne right in front of her face. The audacity! 

Chelsea and Jimmy 

Now, the couple who may have had the most turbulent ride of the season was Chelsea and Jimmy. From the second they saw each other, I knew the relationship was doomed. While Jimmy has caught a lot of shade for his disagreement with Chelsea’s comparison to Megan Fox, this wasn’t the main issue for this couple. 

 Chelsea’s main personality trait quickly became insecurity, as each fight between the couple was worse than the last and was almost always centered around her feeling like he didn’t actually love her. From the second they met, she needed constant affirmation that Jimmy loved her and wanted to be with her. While it was fine when it was just the two of them, it seemed impossible for Jimmy to interact with anyone else without Chelsea falling into a spiral that would end in a blow out fight, which would be eventually resolved with 20 “I love yous” and a kiss. Jimmy time and time again let Chelsea walk all over him as he didn’t really stand up for himself until their second to last fight when she broke his trust. Honestly, not to victim blame, but Jimmy should’ve seen this coming.  

When they would fight, Chelsea would not hesitate to cut deep, and you could literally see the life draining from Jimmy’s eyes each time they fought. I think he actually loved her too; she just couldn’t see through the cloud of her own need for attention to see that she had a great man and it’s her own fault she lost him. I was literally cheering for Jimmy when he finally got the courage to stand up for himself and break up with the wretched woman. He can and will do better, and I can’t wait to see who he eventually ends up with. 

Clay and AD 

The fact that this couple made it to the altar at all is beyond me. AD and Clay seem like a great fit – most of the time. However, I’m still stuck on the comments Clay made in a conversation with AD at the honeymoon. Essentially, if AD were to ever get fat, he would just need to become her personal trainer because I guess that doesn’t fly with him. AD seemed taken aback by it for about.5 seconds before she decided that’s a totally acceptable thing for her future husband to say about her. Clearly for Clay, Love isn’t Blind, because if he sees her get fat, it’s over.  

Clay is also under the impression that cheating is hereditary because he seems to think that he will cheat because his father cheated. While this is a totally valid thing to talk about and express to your partner, Clay just took it way too far. He basically came to the conclusion that even if he fully loves AD, his cheating is inevitable.  

Now the worst part for the couple would have to be the wedding. Clay let the entire ceremony happen, joking with AD at the altar and giving her looks that screamed “I love you,” just to blow it all up at the end and not say “I do.” This man publicly humiliated a woman he still claims to love. I don’t know the rules of the show or anything, but if he truly loved her, he would never have done this. However, while I do think Clay is awful, he did have a point – he wasn’t 100% confident and sure of their relationship, so it would’ve been so wrong to get married, but she made it clear it was all or nothing, so sadly, the couple parted ways in a tear-filled goodbye. It just seems like Clay was not ready for this from the get-go and knew he wasn’t getting married at the end of it, so maybe next time don’t go on a show where the goal is literally getting married.  

Johnny and Amy 

Last but not least are the happy newlyweds, Johnny and Amy. Being the only success story to come from this season, viewers including myself were just happy to see a couple that represented what the show was all about. Johnny and Amy fell in love with each other’s character in the pods, and their love only grew stronger on the outside. Amy said early on that Johnny wasn’t her “type,” but she eventually found that it didn’t matter because she loved him already and blonde hair wasn’t going to change it. I really appreciated her transparency because this is what the show is meant to prove. If they had come across each other in real life, they never would have dated because of the way he looks, but because they had this unique experience, they were able to find each other. 

The one thing I can’t go without mentioning, though, is the fact that Johnny is literally terrified of having kids before he’s ready. And unlike a normal person, he thought a vasectomy was the perfect solution to his problem before discovering that a vasectomy is a legitimate procedure that isn’t to be used as temporary birth control. He just seemed to ignore all the most common, normal options people use and jumped straight to the extremes. 

Despite all of this, I still think this couple is here for the long run and will live happily ever after. Once again, Love is Blind. 

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